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BH WOUND CARE | Case Study 104

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59 -Year Old Male Patient with Diabetic Leg Ulcer


Diabetic leg ulcers can be particularly challenging to manage and heal due to underlying health conditions. This case study presents the successful treatment provided by BH Wound Care to a 59-year-old male patient with a chronic left posterior leg ulcer that persisted for one year. Despite using various traditional treatments, medications, and dressings, the wound not only failed to decrease in size but also increased in depth. BH Wound Care’s specialized wound specialist implemented a tailored treatment protocol that led to significant improvements. After just three treatments, the wound’s depth was reduced, and after six treatments, the wound was completely closed and healed.

Patient Profile

  • 59-year-old male patient
  • History of diabetes
  • Presented with a chronic left posterior leg ulcer that had been present for one year
  • Previous attempts with traditional treatments, medications, and dressing were ineffective
  • The wound’s depth had increased, causing concern for proper healing


The main objective of this case study was to evaluate the effectiveness of BH Wound Care’s specialized treatment protocol in managing and healing the chronic left posterior leg ulcer in a 59-year-old male patient with diabetes. The primary focus was on reducing the wound’s depth, ultimately leading to complete wound closure and promoting the patient’s overall well-being.

Treatment Protocol

  • Comprehensive Assessment: BH Wound Care conducted a thorough assessment of the patient’s diabetic leg ulcer, taking into account the patient’s medical history and underlying diabetes-related factors that could affect wound healing.
  • Tailored Dressings: BH Wound Care employed specialized dressings that were carefully chosen based on the patient’s specific wound characteristics and the need to create an optimal healing environment.
  • Offloading Techniques: To alleviate pressure on the ulcerated area, offloading techniques were utilized to facilitate healing and prevent further complications.
  • Advanced Therapies: BH Wound Care incorporated advanced wound care therapies, such as growth factor applications or regenerative treatments, to promote tissue regeneration and expedite the healing process.
  • Diabetic Foot Care Education: The patient received education on diabetic foot care to improve self-management and reduce the risk of future wound development.


  • After 3 treatment sessions, a noticeable reduction in the depth of the leg ulcer was observed, indicating progress in the wound healing process.
  • Following six treatment sessions, the wound had completely closed and healed, successfully achieving the primary objective of the treatment.
  • The patient reported a significant improvement in pain and discomfort associated with the ulcer, leading to an enhanced quality of life.


This case study showcases the successful management and healing of a chronic diabetic leg ulcer in a 59-year-old male patient using BH Wound Care’s specialized treatment protocol. Despite previous unsuccessful attempts with traditional treatments, medications, and dressings, BH Wound Care’s tailored approach led to remarkable improvements. Through comprehensive wound assessment, tailored dressings, offloading techniques, and advanced therapies, the wound’s depth was reduced after three treatments, and complete wound closure was achieved after six treatments. Diabetic foot care education further contributed to the positive outcome, empowering the patient to take an active role in wound prevention and management. BH Wound Care’s specialized approach offers promising solutions for patients with challenging diabetic wounds, addressing both the wound’s underlying causes and promoting successful healing. Further research and clinical studies may provide additional insights into the long-term efficacy of BH Wound Care’s treatments for diabetic leg ulcers and similar cases.

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