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HOW ARE YOU HEALING? Don't let non-healing wounds hold you back any longer. Experience the difference at BH Wound Care and rediscover a life without limitations. BH WOUND CARE Contact Now BH WOUND CARE Our sole mission is to heal all types of woulds swiftly and painlessly. Our healing rate surpasses the national average by over two times. We're About Healing!
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Unparalleled Wound Care

At BH Wound Care, our team of compassionate specialists are here to provide the help you need. With our cutting-edge treatments and personalized care plans, we are dedicated to healing even the most complex wounds, tailoring our approach to suit your individual needs.

Coverage Made Easy

Our treatments are covered by Medicare and other insurances. In addition, our complete A-to-Z service, which includes product delivery, procedure implementation, and follow-up care, will not interfere with the smooth operation of your care facility.

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Advanced Wound Care Solutions

Struggling with a non-healing wound can be incredibly frustrating, but you don’t have to face it alone, BH Wound Care has you covered.

By harnessing the power of advanced, evidence-based medical technologies, we aim to expedite the healing process, helping you get back to your life wound-free. Our ultimate goal is to achieve complete healing for every patient we serve.

Our Treatment Options Include:

Our highly trained specialists work in tandem, ensuring comprehensive care. Whatever your requirements, we’re here to help you through every step of the healing journey, from handling referrals to insurance authorizations and beyond.

With regular follow-ups and unwavering support, we keep a close eye on your progress, ensuring the quickest possible recovery.

Don’t let non-healing wounds hold you back any longer. Experience the difference at BH Wound Care and rediscover a life without limitations.

Our Services

Upper and Lower Extremity Wounds

Wounds to the upper and lower extremities can occur due to accidents, sports-related incidents, or everyday mishaps.

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Diabetic Ulcer

Diabetic ulcers can be slow to heal and have the potential to lead to severe complications if not properly managed.

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Venous/Arterial Ulcers

Venous and arterial ulcers are chronic wounds that occur when there is a disruption in the blood flow to the lower extremities.

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Non-Healing Wounds

Non-healing wounds are persistent, chronic wounds that fail to progress through the normal stages of healing within the expected timeframe.

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Surgical Wounds

Surgical wounds are incisions made by healthcare professionals during medical procedures to treat various conditions.

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Pressure Sores Of The Back, Buttock, Hips, Extremities

Pressure sores are injuries that occur when prolonged pressure is applied to the skin and underlying tissues.

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Happy Patients

Why Choose Us?

Highly Skilled Specialists:

Our team of wound care specialists boasts extensive training and expertise, ensuring you receive top-notch care.

Personalized Treatment Plans:

Your well-being is our priority. We tailor treatment plans based on your specific needs and medical history for the best possible outcomes.

State-of-the-Art Technology:

Embracing cutting-edge technologies and equipment, we offer the latest advancements in wound care treatments.

Comprehensive Approach:

Beyond the wound, we address underlying conditions that may impact healing, providing a holistic approach to your care.

Convenient Services:

Making healing accessible, we offer in facility or at-home visits, ensuring you receive care with ease.

Compassionate Care:

We treat every patient like family, committing ourselves to your healing and well-being.

Healing Is Just A Call Away!

If you are a Doctor, Facility Director or Patient, Please feel free to contact us about our services. One of our specialists will contact you within 24 hours.
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    Regenerative Wound Healing Technology

    Utilizes cutting-edge innovations and therapies to accelerate the healing process, promote tissue regeneration, and improve outcomes for complex wounds.

    Ultramist Therapy

    Employs an advanced ultrasonic misting system to deliver a fine mist of wound care solutions, facilitating optimal moisture balance and enhancing the healing process.

    Amniotic Tissue Patches

    Harnesses the regenerative properties of amniotic membrane to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and support tissue repair in challenging wounds.

    Join Our BH Wound Care Team

    Our BH Wound Care team is committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care to our patients. Our leadership team is also very committed in fostering a diverse and inclusive work culture where everyone is empowered, supported and valued. We believe that our innovative approach to wound care can help improve the quality of life for our patients.

    We are always on the lookout for amazingly qualified Nurses, Nurse Practitioner, Physician’s Assistant, Medical Assistant, Customer Service/Scheduling professionals who believe in honesty, hard work, togetherness and above all truly making a difference in the lives of our patients.

    If that is you, check out our CAREERS page to see what positions we are currently seeking to fill.

    Recovery Stories

    • When I began with BH Wound Care, I felt confident that my chronic pressure wounds would heal, and I was right! There has been significant improvement since I started their treatment. I am genuinely pleased with the excellent service they provide. Alenn has been incredibly accommodating, especially when I’ve requested last-minute changes to visits. I would wholeheartedly recommend BH Wound Care to my family and friends if they ever need wound care services.”

      B. Rafeedy
      Burbank, CA
    • As a practicing physician, I am delighted to provide this testimonial for BH Wound Care. My 72-year-old patient, with a history of RT Transmetatarsal Amputation, had been grappling with a non-healing wound for over 18 months, experiencing ineffective outcomes from traditional treatments. Upon referral to BH Wound Care, their experienced team collaborated with me to reassess the patient’s condition. Recognizing the inadequacy of conventional approaches, they implemented a tailored combination of treatments to address the specific needs of the wound. The results were truly remarkable. In just four weeks of BH Wound Care intervention, the patient’s wound exhibited a significant reduction in size. The treatment they provided not only accelerated the closure of the wound but also contributed to substantial pain relief, enhancing the overall quality of care. I confidently recommend their services to colleagues and patients alike

      K. Madden
      Los Angeles, CA
    • I just gotta give a shoutout to BH Wound Care for turning my life around! I’ve been dealing with these nagging lower extremity wounds from a car accident over 30 years ago, and let me tell you, it’s been a pain – literally. Tried the whole traditional route with my doctor and some vascular surgeons, but nothing clicked until BH Wound Care stepped in. Over 6 treatments, these guys worked their magic. They cleaned up the mess, threw on some high-tech dressings, and even brought in this Negative Pressure Wound Therapy thing – sounds fancy, but it did the trick. My wounds started shrinking, the pain eased up, and after 10 sessions, they were actually gone. No kidding! Big kudos to BH Wound Care – these guys know what they’re doing. Lifesavers, seriously!

      D. Rotham
      Vancouver, WA
    • I am pleased to share our experience with BH Wound Care, whose specialized treatment significantly impacted the life of a 63-year-old female patient under our care. Venous insufficiency and chronic wounds can be intricate challenges, and BH Wound Care brought a unique expertise to the table. Despite prior attempts by various specialists, the wound persisted due to the patient’s complex health condition. In just four sessions, we witnessed tangible progress. The amniotic tissue application proved to be a game-changer, fostering rapid improvement in wound size and depth. The specialized treatment protocol resulted in the complete closure of the chronic wound. BH Wound Care’s commitment to delivering positive outcomes aligns with our mission to enhance the quality of life for those in our care. We look forward to continued collaboration with BH Wound Care for the well-being of our residents.

      T. Carracho
      Los Angeles, CA


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