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BH Wound Care’s sole mission is to heal all type of wounds swiftly and painlessly. Our healing rate surpasses the national average by over two times. By employing cutting-edge products, we offer unparalleled access to the latest advancements in wound healing technology.


Specializing in healing all types of wounds, from head to toe, regardless of their origin, BH Wound Care holds a particular focus on diabetic foot wounds, venous leg ulcers, pressure sores, abrasions, lacerations, avulsions, punctures, and incision wounds.


Our dedicated professionals at BH Wound Care are committed to delivering compassionate, high-quality care to our patients. We provide services to patients in long-term care facilities, transitional care, assisted living, and memory care homes, and firmly believe that our innovative approach to wound care can enhance our patients’ quality of life.


Medicare and VA Insurance fully cover our treatments, ensuring zero out-of-pocket costs for our patients. Moreover, our comprehensive A-to-Z service encompasses product delivery, procedure implementation, and follow-up care.

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At BH Wound Care, our mission is to address the overlooked need for high-quality care in modern healthcare. We firmly believe that patients deserve elevated levels of care to overcome all types of wounds. With a dedicated team of skilled physicians, nurses, and advanced technology, we strive to expedite the healing process.


If you are a Doctor, Facility Director or Patient, Please feel free to contact us about our services.


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