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Successful Healing of 72 Year Old Man Non-Healing Wound in 4 Weeks!


This case study presents the successful intervention of BH Wound Care in the treatment of a non-healing wound in a 72-year-old patient with a history of RT Transmetatarsal Amputation. The patient had been struggling with the wound for over 18 months, experiencing ineffective healing with traditional and conventional wound remedies, leading to an increase in wound size and intolerable pain.

Patient Profile:

  • Age: 72
  • Medical History: RT Transmetatarsal Amputation
  • Wound Duration: Over 18 months
  • Previous Treatment: Traditional and Conventional Wound Remedies
  • Presenting Symptoms: Non-healing wound, increasing size, severe pain


The primary objective of this case study was to evaluate the effectiveness of BH Wound Care products in promoting wound healing, reducing wound size, and alleviating pain in the patient.

Treatment Protocol:

Upon receiving the patient’s referral, and consulting with the patients’ physician, our experienced team of trained nurses and medical professionals swiftly assessed the patient’s condition. Traditional wound healing approaches had proven ineffective, leading to prolonged suffering for the patient. As a result, our wound care team employed a combination of treatments tailored to the patient’s wound type and needs, to optimize the healing process.


The utilization of BH Wound Care proven treatments resulted in remarkable improvements in the patient’s wound healing journey:

Reduction in Wound Size:

After just four weeks of BH Wound Care treatment and regular follow-up visitations, the patient’s wound exhibited a major decrease in size. The BH wound dressings successfully facilitated the wound’s closure, promoting granulation tissue formation and epithelialization.

Pain Relief:

One of the most remarkable outcomes of BH Wound Care intervention was the considerable release of pain experienced by the patient. The advanced wound dressings’ innovative technology not only supported wound healing but also helped in managing pain and discomfort during the recovery process.


The successful treatment of the 72-year-old patient’s non-healing wound demonstrates the transformative potential of BH Wound Care solutions in tackling chronic, non-healing wounds. In this particular patient, previous traditional wound remedies provided by other treatment centers had proved futile, leading to a prolonged and distressing experience. However, BH Wound Care treatments rapidly addressed the wound’s underlying issues, leading to faster healing (in just four weeks), complete closure of the wound, no more callous, pain relief, and enhanced overall patient comfort.

Note: It’s important to emphasize the specific timeline of healing (4 weeks) and the complete resolution of the patient’s symptoms (no more holes and no more callous) in the conclusion to highlight the success of the BH Wound Care treatment.

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